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Stay Strong At Home Level 1 Older People

Helpful tips from Chartered Physiotherapist Kate Sheehy on how to stay strong at home with simple exercises incorporated into your everyday life.

  • Exercises to do in bed (waking up)
  • Exercises to do while brushing hair
  • Exercises to do while brushing teeth
  • Exercises to do while coming down the stairs
  • Exercises to do while boiling the kettle
  • Exercises to do while sitting down
  • Exercises to do while making lunch
  • Exercises to do against the wall

Richmond Physiotherapy

Expert guidance on the perfect technique for abdominal and pelvic floor exercise

from our Womens Health physiotherapist, Toosie Bawden


Belly Breathing

Breathing, Rib Settling and the Pelvic Neutral Position

Pelvic Floor Muscles: exercises to keep them toned

What is Diastasis Recti and how do you test for it?


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Rosslyn Park F.C. Clinic

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Physiotec patients have access to their home exercise programs here online. Login Here



Recognised by all major private health insurance providers. As of Nov 7th 2016 Richmond Physiotherapy will be accepting AXA PPP claims. We will also continue to accept all major insurers and any patient who wishes to self pay including: AXA, BUPA, WPA, HSA and Norwich Union. Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, Chartered State Registered Physiotherapists and MLACP

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Our Team

We have a professional team of Chartered Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists & Pilates Instructors.


Observation & Clinical Placements

We get many requests from students both for observation and clinical placement.

Read more about how to apply

Here to help, with over twenty years providing local physiotherapy to Richmond.


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