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Meet Joe Coakley

Joe’s been on the team at Richmond Physio since 2016. Respected and admired by his colleagues, he...

Is This You?

Co Director, Pippa Rollitt has said: ‘Patients right now are noticing how shattered and tense t...

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Testimonials for Richmond Physiotherapy Back Class:

Classes are even better on-line! You can see yourself, adjust your movements and check back to see you are doing it right. It is enjoyable as you see the others at the same time as the physiotherapist. She can see you and you can unmute yourself when you want to ask questions if you are not sure about something. This is much better and safer than an exercise videos. I really enjoy it. Thank you Pippa and Kathryn.’

CB May 19th 2020
A huge thank-yous to you, and Kathryn, for setting us all up for our Zoomy Back Class. I used to much enjoy our Thursday afternoons, so now, in these extraordinary times, having class TWICE a week is such a welcome and bolstering thing, and we feel so lucky that you’ve made it possible. We both really feel the benefit, both physically and mentally. Big claps for Richmond Physio on Thursday nights! See you both tomorrow……..Cheers.

Joan & Derek May 2020
The back class on line has been invaluable for me during the lockdown. Normally I go swimming in the mornings and attend the back class once a week. Neither of these are now possible. I do walk each day, but this does not do much for my back. So the online class is extremely important for me.

Rohan May 2020
I felt that I must write a few words about Richmond Physiotherapy’s wonderful back class, which I have been attending for many years now. Until recently we would meet together, as a group, in person, with our instructor, either Pippa Rollitt or Kathryn Brodie. This was not just an excellent exercise session, led by two of the most professional, and most personable, physios, but it was also a very enjoyable social occasion – such a lovely group of participants. Unfortunately, since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, we have been unable to meet in person, but we now have virtual sessions, in our own homes, using ZOOM. Pippa and Kathryn have done an outstanding job in arranging these sessions, which are not just enjoyable, but can be challenging. Every session is very carefully structured, and the physios monitor very closely how we are coping with the exercises. They understand, fully, everybody’s individual problems, our differing needs, and differing abilities. I cannot recommend Back Class highly enough. Thank you Pippa and Kathryn.

Alison Rhodes May 2020
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Recognised by all major private health insurance providers. As of Nov 7th 2016 Richmond Physiotherapy will be accepting AXA PPP claims. We will also continue to accept all major insurers and any patient who wishes to self pay including: AXA, BUPA, WPA, HSA and Norwich Union. Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, Chartered State Registered Physiotherapists and MLACP

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Meet Joe Coakley

Joe’s been on the team at Richmond Physio since 2016. Respected and admired by his colleagues, he’s built up a loyal...

Is This You?

Co Director, Pippa Rollitt has said: ‘Patients right now are noticing how shattered and tense they’ve been feelin...