A selection of our client testimonials from over the years.

Stephen’s expertise, extensive knowledge and attention to detail have been paramount to my successful ACL rehabilitation. This, alongside Stephen’s personable character, has allowed me to feel supported and confident throughout my recovery, from pre-operation to return to sport testing.

Stephen’s use of VALD technology (ranging from force plates to Nord boards) has allowed me to have detailed, personalised targets alongside objective data which was crucial for me to adapt and maximise the impact of my rehabilitation programme. Objective data from the VALD technology has undoubtedly provided me with confidence in my return to sport tests so that I am ready to return to and exceed my pre-injury level in football. Stephen is adept at relaying the information provided by the VALD technology in a ‘patient friendly’ manner so that I understand my current areas of strength and weakness. This was once again pivotal in increasing my confidence and knowledge of my progress.

I cannot thank Stephen enough for his expertise, knowledge and reassurance in his crucial role throughout my recovery.

Kate O’Sullivan has been helping me with my fitness for a few months now. She is brilliant, kind and really helps to encourage me especially when I have to push myself. I have had a hip resurfacing and have a history of nerve pain rooted in my neck. Her knowledge and skills as a physio are essential to help improve the symptoms and avoid exercises that could be problematic. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.D.T.
Richmond Physiotherapy has gotten me through 2 ACL surgeries, rehab and I’ve managed training for 3 marathons! The team is incredibly knowledgeable about all things sports injury and are determined to get their patients out their door and up and running or whatever it is they hope to achieve. Their connectivity with local surgeon consultants ensures aligned treatment which is invaluable. I am absolutely certain that my recoveries have been as quick and successful because of the diligent and mindful approach of the physios at Richmond Physiotherapy.
Having suffered back pain for several weeks, I found Kate at Richmond Physio. After one visit I was more comfortable and after the third visit I was totally pain-free and back to normal activities. Such skill and sympathetic care has been amazing and I’m enormously grateful.
A huge thank-yous to you, and Kathryn, for setting us all up for our Zoomy Back Class. I used to much enjoy our Thursday afternoons, so now, in these extraordinary times, having class TWICE a week is such a welcome and bolstering thing, and we feel so lucky that you’ve made it possible. We both really feel the benefit, both physically and mentally. Big claps for Richmond Physio on Thursday nights! See you both tomorrow……..Cheers.” Joan & Derek
The back class on line has been invaluable for me during the lockdown. Normally I go swimming in the mornings and attend the back class once a week. Neither of these are now possible. I do walk each day, but this does not do much for my back. So the online class is extremely important for me.”Rohan
I felt that I must write a few words about Richmond Physiotherapy’s wonderful back class, which I have been attending for many years now. Until recently we would meet together, as a group, in person, with our instructor, either Pippa Rollitt or Kathryn Brodie. This was not just an excellent exercise session, led by two of the most professional, and most personable, physios, but it was also a very enjoyable social occasion – such a lovely group of participants. Unfortunately, since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, we have been unable to meet in person, but we now have virtual sessions, in our own homes, using ZOOM. Pippa and Kathryn have done an outstanding job in arranging these sessions, which are not just enjoyable, but can be challenging. Every session is very carefully structured, and the physios monitor very closely how we are coping with the exercises. They understand, fully, everybody’s individual problems, our differing needs, and differing abilities. I cannot recommend Back Class highly enough. Thank you Pippa and Kathryn.”Alison Rhodes
I have been coming to Richmond Physiotherapy for many years now and was delighted to have a massage from Suzanne. Her friendly manner put me instantly at ease and I found her treatment to be excellent. She has a beautiful confident touch and I left feeling very relaxed and ready to face a tough week. C.W.
Dear Stephen, I have been meaning to send you a note since February, when I was eventually signed off from Chelsea Hospital. Your help was invaluable, as the physiotherapists at the hospital were not able (or not permitted?) to give any hands on treatment. I believe that the work you did on my frozen shoulder was what made a tremendous difference in getting me back to full mobility. So – many thanks!”R.G.
I’m a personal trainer and have had problems with my shoulder and hip for a couple of years. An orthopaedic surgeon recommended Pippa to me after going to see him about my shoulder. I am delighted with the results. Her wonderful holistic approach has meant that she has fixed both my shoulder and hip and I am finally pain free. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Nicky O’Sullivan

Long overdue…have a fabulous week in the mountains…can now Langlauf of a fashion classic style…did alpine ski for a couple of half days…walked…chilled in the wellness sauna area…basked in the glorious atmosphere…wonderful…injury free and SO much better being fit healthy and ready…so thank you so much for the Physio and your humour. Best wishes”

“I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your recent help with treating my calf injury. Delighted to report that Georgia and I both completed the Berlin Marathon- we managed the race well enough to both finish exhausted but without aggravating our respective injuries. Thank you.”
I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to Laura Fidler who I had a physio appointment with yesterday. She explained the nature of my problem really well, possible avenues to help with it and made a very considerable improvement in one session. I will definitely be back to see her and will gladly recommend her.
I just wanted to pass a big thanks onto Joe for his work with me on a twisted ankle and resulting bad knee. If you could please pass on that I managed the 20 mile race (and 200 obstacles!) without any pain at all and other than a lot of aching muscles today I’m feeling no pain at all now in either ankle or knee. Thanks again.

Dear Pippa, Here is the proof – me at the end of our skiing holiday – still in one piece and on my skis! We had a great time and I was able to do way more than expected. I skied every morning except one rest day in the middle and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks in no small part to you! I’m slightly stiff now but nothing more than that.


Just wanted to say how pleased I was to be able to ski for a full week last week. I really appreciate your help in recovering, and hope to be back playing some summer hockey as well soon.


“After discovering I had a prolapse, the consultant I saw suggested I see Toosie at Richmond Physiotherapy. Well, I had no idea what a womens health physio was or quite what they did as women don’t openly talk about the problems associated with a dysfunctional pelvic floor. I have to admit to dreading the first appointment as we ladies really don’t like ‘those’ examinations and I was feeling generally quite down about my situation. Toosie somehow managed to normalise the whole situation and I went from crying at our first session to having a great laugh with her and later joining her Pilates class to further reinforce the exercises she had taught me. My symptoms are much improved and I feel more confident about my condition. I wish such advice had been more available when I had my babies and would advise anyone post pregnancy to see a womens’ health specialist like Toosie.

Obviously no-one else will be as good!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

LB, Richmond

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