Compry Cool


We treat a lot of elite athletes at the practice and are always on the lookout for new products which can help them. We’ve recently discovered Compry Cool, which combines cold therapy with compression. Here’s what Kellie Clenton, one of our patients had to say about it:

‘I had a serious skiing injury on New Year’s Eve, completely rupturing my ACL and also damaging my MCL. When I first saw Stephen a week post injury, my knee was enormously swollen and stiff – I had hardly moved it in a week and had not done any icing since the day of the injury, when I’d sat very awkwardly with a grocery bag full of snow balanced on the knee!

 My specialist had explained that getting the swelling down was critical before we proceed with an ACL reconstruction, so I was very keen to try the Compry Cool. Even on the first use (a 20 minute session at home) the impact on the swelling was noticeable and over the 10 days that I had the machine my knee went from massively swollen and grapefruit-like to almost normal. It was a relief to use after my (sometimes painful) physio exercises and I feel has helped me get to a point where I’m ready for my ACL reconstruction. Recommended!

To find out more about Compry Cool visit their website or phone us for more information or to rent one.

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