Triathlon - Reach your potential!

Triathlon – Reach your potential!

Triathlon is about more than endurance training and as triathletes know
endurance training leads to risk of overuse injury.
You need muscle strength without too much bulk but you also need to optimise your stability in the lumbo pelvic region and the shoulder girdle and the the thoracic region. We can test your movement control and highlight your transition issues.
We can show you how to tweak your training to your best advantage.

  • Test your core
  • Target your training
  • Measure your progress
  • Spot the difference between stabilisers and prime movers

A matrix screening involves assessing speci c muscles for strength and exibilty alongside assessing balance and core stability. Four essential elements that optimise your performance across your events.
After your initial assessment a bespoke programme will be created with
subsequent follow ups to measure your progress.