Tennis - Reach your potential!

Tennis – Reach your potential!

Tennis players get rotator cuff problems when their pectoral muscles become dominant and the stabilising muscles around the scapula (shoulder blade) lose control. Powerful strokes come from your core so let’s check it out and see if you need to add anything. Conversely when your core is weak you may compensate by overworking in the hitting arm – and picking up the same injuries over and over again.

  • check out the balance of your pectorals and your scapular stabilisers
  • evaluate the soft tissue flexibility around your elbow and the range of
  • movement
  • optimise your strokes from core to racquet
  • learn how to push your lower limb strength training specific to tennis

A physiotherapy screen involves assessing specific muscles for strength and flexibility alongside your balance and functional core stability; four essential elements to help you succeed in tennis. After your initial assessment an individualised programme can be devised with subsequent follow-up sessions to progress your management.