Covid-19 Rehabilitation - We Come To You

Respiratory – Cardio vascular – Musculoskeletal

Domiciliary physiotherapy is available if you are struggling with recovery following Covid-19 infection.

Your physiotherapist can visit your home using full Personal Protection Equipment.

We monitor your signs to confirm that you are medically safe and well, this includes use of blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter.

We assess your respiratory function and activity potential in order to design a programme to fit your needs, reporting back to your GP on progress.

A preliminary assessment on the phone or online is preferable. Your physiotherapist will need to identify how you are medically and what you need in terms of rehabilitation. If you like you can have a friend or relative help with this or speak for you.

Edel Casey is leading this service for Richmond Physiotherapy.

Deployed to the community service of Hounslow & Richmond Community Health Care Trust during the Covid pandemic, Edel amassed valuable clinical experience helping patients achieve their rehabilitation goals post Covid 19. She says, “I was busy checking and treating hospital discharge patients, making sure they were safe and medically well. Not only that I witnessed the selflessness of staff when their quest for patient well-being far surpassed any of their own fears for personal safety.”

Edel has been with us since 2008, initially working part-time as a massage therapist. She went on to study physiotherapy, graduating from the University of East London in 2017.
Her junior rotations took place at Imperial NHS Trust, Charing Cross and St.Mary’s Hospitals. From there she moved to West Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust, more recently being deployed to the Community service.

Rehabilitation is important for every and any stage of recovery following corona virus, if you would like to know more just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. 0208 332 1132

Karen Middleton, chief executive of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, says, “Rightly, so far, the focus has been saving lives—but, as the first wave of patients begin to recover, the scale of the next phase is becoming clear.”

Patients with the virus seem to be ventilated for far longer than the average ICU patient, causing higher levels of deconditioning, and there are more of them at any one time. Evidence from China shows that covid-19 patients have neurological as well as respiratory after effects, so recovery will be longer and more complex.