The Emsella Chair

Have you heard of the Emsella Chair?

It looks like this:

Rather than invest in one for your own home, the idea is that you drop into your nearest clinic for a sequence of six half hour sessions. If you can afford it that is.

Both men and women with pelvic floor weakness are said to benefit from the Emsella Chair and clinics are opening in London and other cities up and down the country.

Our Women’s Health physiotherapist Toosie Bawden had this to say about the Emsella:

“The pelvic floor muscles are indeed very important to maintain throughout life. Using the chair may be of benefit to kickstart a seriously weakened pelvic floor but in the longer term one needs to take charge of these muscles so as to avoid problems in everyday life as well as sporting activities.

Electrical stimulation contracts the muscles for you. You don’t have to locate and recruit them yourself but the truth is that inability to locate and activate the pelvic floor leads to problems such as overrecruiting compensatory muscles (i.e. gluteals and abdominals).

Men’s Health and Women’s Health physiotherapists use some electrical stimulation in their treatments but only as an adjunct to an array of strengthening approaches. The Emsella chair would be the same: best used in conjunction with other techniques prescribed by a professional who has examined your pelvic floor and understands the exact nature of your dysfunction and how to improve it.”

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