Sports Injuries In Youth

Podium is a non-governmental organisation and registered charity committed to reducing injury in sport for 11–18 year olds. The initiative is already collaborating with the RFU and England Hockey while other sports governing bodies will follow as well as hundreds of schools.

Until now there has never been any collection of the meaningful data essential for understanding how injuries occur and how they can be prevented. Podium Analytics will drive research and build understanding through longitudinal studies and a massive database.

This project is not about taking any of the benefits away from kids and their sports, it’s simply about building a safer playing field where they can give their all. Initially priority will go to the analysis of head injury, serious musculo-skeletal injuries and sudden cardiac death.

Ron Dennis of McLaren fame has been involved from the start of the project and his family’s Dream Chasing Foundation is one of the main funding partners. According to Peter Hamlyn, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Sports Medicine Expert, there is a chasm of ignorance in our understanding of youth sport injury.

Good habits start early and by building this database youngsters will be able to receive all the benefits of sport and exercise while at the same time mitigating any risks.

This will be a tremendous move forward for young people’s sports safety, it’s going to be a game changer!

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