Is This You?

Co Director, Pippa Rollitt has said:

‘Patients right now are noticing how shattered and tense they’ve been feeling and how much this past twelve months has taken its toll.

This latest lockdown, we have seen persistent niggling injuries that just won’t clear and also a lot of people who feel generally stiff and out of condition. They are trying hard to stretch at home but it doesn’t always get to the heart of the problem.

Everyone’s saying how they feel quite stressed and exhausted, sleeping has been affected too. With so many unknowns it’s easy for worries about many, many things to take over.

Home schooling has been very demanding on parents especially when they’re trying to work from home.

Office setups  are not  always great, often the sofa substitutes as a desk!  And although people are doing their high intensity activities, they may not be getting as much incidental exercise in any one day –  no walks to the station or up the escalator, no running from one meeting to another, up and down stairs, in and out of buildings.

The upshot is that they are losing tendon strength and flexibility, leaving themselves vulnerable to injury when they get back to sports after the lockdown.

In some cases spinal flexibility is awful and glutes have practically vanished!

Much as we want people to get back to their usual sports they need to understand they’ve lost condition despite their best efforts.’

Pippa says soft tissue massage can really help:

‘The sooner the restrictions are lifted the better; our massage therapists can get back into clinic and get to work. I strongly recommend massage therapy to help people get their soft tissue flexibility back and iron out any issues. We have a fantastic team of massage therapists and they are itching to get back to work, helping our clients achieve their goals.’


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