Unique to Lockdown

Yesterday I saw a young university student who presented with a Lockdown specific injury. By that I mean it wouldn’t have happened at any other time. Last May during the first lockdown he had been walking in the park and came to a gate. Instead of touching the gate with his bare hand (you know the feeling) he got creative and instead, somehow he hoiked up his right leg and artfully manoeuvred it open with the heel of his walking boot! Rather clever eh? But the next day he knew he’d overstretched something around the back of his thigh in the hamstring area. Assuming it would clear up of its own accord he let nature take its course. Six months later he realised it was not clearing up and resolved to implement a regular stretching regime. By December he had established that it still wasn’t going away so he made an appointment. The muscles around the right hip and into the pelvis had been affected, becoming tight, tender and weak. Without treatment, in the longer term the range of movement in the right hip will deteriorate. One or two treatment sessions with specific advice about correction will more than likely get him back on track.

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