Millions of Brits on fitness kicks suffer lockdown injuries

According to a BUPA study there were seven million injuries, from sprains and strains to pulled muscles and back injuries, with men twice as likely to injure themselves as women.

The lockdown has allowed all of us time to reflect on our own fitness and well being. We know that exercise boosts our mental and physical health. Naturally we want to make the most of the time we are allowed outdoors to exercise. Two in three adults have taken advantage of their time in lockdown to exercise more but too much enthusiasm can result in injury. The study found that despite millions of exercisers suffering, only one in four has sought help despite remote appointments being readily available. At Richmond Physiotherapy we want to help you keep active during the lockdown. Listen to your body when you are exercising and if something feels wrong, get in touch and we can analyse your movement, either remotely or in clinic, to find out what adjustments can be made and keep you active.

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