Doctor my eyes …

Like me you must be wondering how so much screen time is affecting your eyes. Which do you prefer – reading a physical book or reading your kindle? There must be a difference in how our eyes focus on each of these. Think about standing in front of a large canvas at the National Gallery, your eyes wander, linger and search all across the work, back and forth; and when we used to go to the theatre we would be watching the action in different areas of the stage (as well as checking out the audience at the interval!).

On a small screen it’s all rather different. Maybe our eyes are working less hard, maybe they’re getting lazy. I’m no expert but is there any useful advice out there?

This is the now much discredited Dr. Bates who devised a method of eyesight improvement which emphatically, doesn’t work!

But there are some very helpful hints and tips available on the College of Optometrists website ,

The College has issued five top tips on avoiding eyestrain.

  1. The 20-20-20 rule. Give your eye muscles a rest. Every 20 mins look at something 20 ft away for 20 secs.
  2. Remember to BLINK regularly.
  3. Have your screen BELOW eye level and between 40cm to 75cm away.
  4. Make your text size BIGGER if you’re struggling to see it.
  5. Use DROPS if your eyes get dry.

And if you enjoy reading, instead of a Kindle, why not give your eyes a change of scene and get your physical books from Hellena, your local bookseller.

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