Scaphoid Fractures

Lots more people are out on their bicycles and that’s great news in terms of fitness for the population as a whole. Motorists may not always like to see so many bikes on the road but cycling is fantastic exercise. It’s great for the heart and lungs and a brilliant way to lubricate your knees and hips as well as build up your leg muscles.

Just a word of warning though about accidents. Most cyclists will come off their bikes at some point and often the fall involves an outstretched hand with the force going through the wrist. We have seen a few scaphoid fractures in cyclists lately.

The scaphoid is a tiny bone at the base the thumb. It has a unique shape with both convex and concave surfaces. It’s the bone that connects your thumb to your wrist and provides so much freedom of movement. However if fractured, it can be tricky to get it to heal because of its fragile blood supply so it must be managed with great care.

If you’ve had a fall and landed on your wrist, if your wrist is painful and what felt like a sprain isn’t getting better, give us a call and we can make sure the injury is properly evaluated.

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