Distance Matters

The COVID19 virus affect us all differently and a study from Iceland has shown that fifty per cent of those who test positive show no symptoms.

Here’s just one example from a physio colleague of mine about how the virus can impact our loved ones and why it’s so important to follow the government’s guidelines.

March 20th

We were in Devon last weekend when BOOM the world changed … Sally went down with Coronavirus badly in Leeds.

Susie, her younger sister was also up in Leeds and had dinner with her the night before Sally went down with symptoms, so became neurotically hysterical that she too was going to contract the virus (quite possible) suffocate in her room in her horrid student house alone (unlikely) and still had to hand in her final Maths dissertation by the end of the week but was beyond being able to turn on her computer…

Thankfully Sally has a super laid back boyfriend who stepped in to be ‘nurse’, but when he texted me and said she really was in a bad way, could I post him some paracetamol as he couldn’t leave her, it really hit me how serious this virus is.

I then went off in search of paracetamol…. well guess what. The Surrey crowd who were all still in the gym or down the pub had literally snaffled them all. After numerous supermarkets & pharmacies I decided to try up in Kingston and went to a huge chemists.

Big queue at pharmacy checkout, I decided to join it despite the sign saying “No Paracetamol”
I got to the front of the queue and thankfully spoke to the pharmacist rather than the pissed off looking assistant. I asked her kindly when she might be getting her next delivery of paracetamol and promptly burst into tears. She went to touch me but pulled back, looked me in the eye and whispered “wait here”. She scuttled off and returned 5 mins later clasping a packet of 32 paracetamol in her hand so nobody could see them. I cried even more then. Hid them down my bra and ran back to the car.

The world had indeed gone mad, but in a very frightening way.

Sally is now on Day 7, she had every symptom there was on the list and for someone so fit and athletic, she could literally not even sit up, let alone get out of bed until day 6. She is getting better, fever gone, cough almost gone, terrible back pain, getting easier, her whole body still aches.
But frustratingly for her, she has totally lost her sense of smell, taste less so. Will that recover?

Now she’s concerned about farting in the office when she goes back to work…:) As far as I’m aware, an unmentioned comic side effect to the whole thing, now that she’s through the worst!

So there we are. Sally is recovering, but said, “I could never have coped on my own”

Susie is safely home from Uni and so far so good, no symptoms.

James, like Mark is “vulnerable” with a weak immune system because of his Leukaemia so we have sent him into isolation until we know Susie is 100% clear.

At the end of the day we have all realised HEALTH is the most important thing and seeing Sally who is probably the fittest person I know suffering so badly, we simply must protect our more vulnerable family and friends.

It does seem to vary though as I have heard of people who think they have had it with very mild symptoms, and these are probably the secret spreaders.

I have spent all day today contacting all my patients. Time to close the doors.

Like my colleague, we have done the same. For now our doors are closed but we will see you when it’s time to reopen and we look forward to it.

If you don’t have any insurance and you are worried about money but need advice, feel free to call us and we’ll pick up the message, call you back and help in any way we can.

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