Can sitting damage your health?

There’s so much information about back pain and how to avoid it, sometimes it can be bewildering. A recent article in the Guardian tells us to forget about posture, it’s all about keeping active and that is sound advice; there’s no benefit in telling people that their back pain has come about because they sit wrong, that’s rubbish!

Smart offices provide gym space so that you can build regular exercise into your working day whether it be yoga, spin, HIIT class or Pilates.

Intense keyboard work or taking calls all day is heavy going and gym space is not essential; you can still get up on your feet and have a good stretch regularly through the day, breathe deeply for three or four cycles and maybe jog up and down a flight of stairs if/when you nip out to the loo!

The important thing is to identify what you enjoy, it may just be a brisk lunchtime walk out in the fresh air to clear your mind. Embrace the commute and get creative with it, maybe you can find a way to build more walking into your journey?

And there’s great benefit in keeping your activity level up outside of your working day. Again it’s about finding what you enjoy, it may be dancing, it may be a team sport, it may joining the ramblers and having a really good walk every weekend.

Prolonged sitting take its toll on your body so it’s a good idea to think about how you manage it. There are some great ideas in this article by the Mayo Clinic.

If you do have to sit all day at work, it makes sense to get yourself comfortable. Here are some guidelines.


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