Bike Fit Assessment

What’s the difference between a physio bike-fit assessment and the one at your local bike shop? Price and expertise.

Your local bike shop will be more technically geared, measuring the dimensions of the frame and the rider on the bike – testing, substituting and recommending different components such as the saddle, saddle post, handlebars, cleats and shoes to achieve the ‘optimum specification’.

Our physiotherapist puts your bike on the turbo-trainer and measures you on the bike – the angles at the wrists, shoulders, the hips, knees and ankles followed by a thorough assessment of your posture and movement and control off the bike. This achieves optimal set-up, adjusting for inherent asymmetries and injuries as necessary. Your individual biomechanical or postural imbalances on the bike can be accommodated following this informed assessment.

Our physiotherapists also take into account your injury history alongside your training schedules and cycling goals. A full body assessment looks at soft tissue flexibility, muscle strength and movement and core control along with musculoskeletal examination of any previously injured joints. All of this information comes together to understand how to adjust the bike and your positioning (on the turbo trainer) and finally video analysis allows you to see the difference.

Where necessary we can show you specific re-training, strengthening and/or stretching exercises combined with training and technique advice to optimise you on your bike. Get a physio bike fit assessment if you want to:

  • start cycling for aerobic fitness and superb joint surface lubrication in your hips and knees
  • tweak your set-up to avoid injury recurrence as you ramp-up your performance on the bike
  • use cycling as a part of your rehabilitation, recovering from injury.


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