Gift vouchers for Christmas

Do you have mixed feelings about the countdown to Christmas? It’s exciting, it can be such a wonderful experience, especially for young ones but there’s so much to do and so little time!

We all want to enjoy ourselves and celebrate in every way but it takes its toll, doesn’t it, and by the time we actually reach the main event some of us will be the worse for wear, too fatigued to enjoy ourselves, unable to face the family and the big roast dinner.

It’s beginning to sound like an endurance event, isn’t it?

If you approach it as a challenge, pace yourself, think about your own optimum performance, maybe you can make it to the 25th in good shape and have a fabulous Christmas?

This will help … 

Give your loved ones (and frankly, why not yourself?) the promise of a calm and uplifting experience. A gift voucher can promise your loved ones a deep tissue massage to shift those tensions and knotted muscles, or the start of that Pilates Class they’ve always meant to get going with. 

If you know someone who always gets a bad back around Christmas time, with all the running around and preparation, maybe a thorough assessment from one of our top notch physiotherapists would be a lovely thought to start off their New Year. 

We have gift vouchers for any and all of our services; a way to take care of yourself and those you care about, so that you can approach your Christmas and New Year in better shape and find the experience so much more enjoyable! Call us to find out more on 020 8332 1132.

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