Injury is an opportunity

Who thinks like that? How can an injury be anything other than a setback?

You’re training towards a goal and now you won’t make it.

You’ve pushed so hard, achieved so much and now it’s all over!



Cat Benger takes a different view. Cat’s been training athletes for over five years.

Combined with ten years of personal experience competing in triathlon. Yes, she’s learned a thing or two about managing injuries – her own as well as those of her clients. Cat sees every injury (or any setback) as the perfect opportunity to review. And she’s right.

‘The bigger the sacrifice the greater the comeback’. That’s her mantra and it’s a good one. Cat knows that she will come back from injury and when she does she will be stronger than ever. This is the secret to following your path and reaching your goals.


Take a Breath

Think about it and see injury as your time to reflect. Ask yourself if there were niggles or twinges that you ignored. Pain usually surfaces for a reason. How about that training regime, what can you do differently? What skills could you develop further? And pain is a feeling that links into your emotions. Repair and recovery is not only a physical process but also a mental one. Accept that, allow it and review your practice. Think carefully about your motivation, check-in with what’s driving you.

This is your chance to step back from that rigorous training programme, get out of the lycra and allow yourself to survey everything else that is happening around you. Explore the social and creative experiences that you might otherwise struggle to find time for. Treat this as recovery time in every sense. Without the pressure and expectation of looming competition, you can relax, kick back and breathe.


Network Support

Not for your wi-fi, for you! The professionals around you can bring perspective and a clearer view while friends and family will be your emotional support when the struggle back to full tilt gets to you. You’re human and everybody hurts, some times. No harm in getting some help.


Hang Tough

Once you’ve reviewed and understood where you are and how you got there, you can confidently engage with your vision. ‘Dreaming Big’ is definitely not to be discouraged, it’s a matter of re-setting and building back up to where you want to be. Naturally there will be ups and down as you get back into training, its not going to be easy. Planning and short term goals are essential. Break it down into stages and aim to come back stronger than ever.


Turn it Around

In triathlon the great advantage of three disciplines is that it tends to be cycling or running that cause injury (while often swimming gets the least attention in training). Turn the negative into a positive by devoting your extra time to the pool, improving your technique and maintaining your condition.


Small wins bring success

Think of your recovery path as a series of stepping stones. Step carefully, invest in the early stages. You will need patience and perseverance. Be prepared for minor setbacks and when they occur – pause, be curious and allow your body, your whole self to find it’s way.


Discover your mantra, (it might be Cat’s, because  she’s right,)

The bigger the sacrifice, the greater the comeback!



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