Elvie- what is it?

Elvie is a revolutionary new product on the market for pelvic floor strengthening, recently featured in Elle & Vogue magazine. It is Bluetooth-linked with an app on your phone, giving you visual feedback from the ‘educator’ which is inserted into the vagina.

 What does it do?

it is designed to be inserted into the vagina thus resting on the pelvic floor, in order to feedback on the strength and functioning of the pelvic floor muscles. Through the app, you can set up workouts to challenge your floor, keep tabs on your progress and even print out reports to take along to your physio.

Who should try it?

Any females with a poorly functioning floor. As discussed below, pelvic floors are not necessarily too weak, they can also be too strong, which means that you would benefit from an assessment to ensure the correct plan of exercises. The product itself does an initial assessment to set your start values, but it doesn’t necessarily teach you how to activate your floor if you are unsure.


  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • App is also easy to figure out with good graphics
  • Good strengthening programme with adequate time between exercises as well as the ability to redo the workout should you need to repeat it.


  • The ability to redo the workout as many times as you like – very easy to get involved and overtrain your floor.
  • Does get boring after a few weeks as the programmes are limited.
  • Doesn’t rate the length of relaxation – there is a difference between allowing your floor to totally relax and just letting go of the activation.
  • It is easy to substitute other muscles and achieve the desired effect on the screen
  • Depending on your personality, the false encouragement statements do get annoying especially when you are told “that was excellent” but you haven’t achieved any of your goals!

 Overall opinion:

A great product that is hugely beneficial in combination with a Womens’ Health Assessment, so you start with a good knowledge of what should be happening.

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