Wireless Compex arrives at Richmond Physiotherapy

Compex is a unique piece of equipment designed to assist patients restore great mus- cular activity around a joint to regain pain free movement. It can be used post opera- tively or post injury for swelling management, restoring muscular control and pain relief. It offers a variety of programmes to assist rehabilitation alongside physiotherapy treat- ments and exercise regimes. It can also offer a strength training without a gym!

The newest version of the equipment is wireless. This enables easy use and application without trailing wires getting in the way around the clinic. It is ideal for for:

Knee rehabilitation
Post ACL reconstruction, meniscal repairs, osteoarthritis, knee replacements.

Shoulder impingement syndromes

Perfect to get those inactive rotator cuff muscles working in synchronised patterns to enable overhead pain free movements this will help the patient to feel the correct pat- tern and aid recovery.

Weak gluteals
Sitting all day can switch off these muscles thereby affecting your knee and ankle when

building up those marathon miles The Compex can help you find those gluteals and re-educate that running style.

Compex has other essential uses for the immediate post injury state – it has a varie- ty of settings that can aid reduction in swelling and help repair a much ‘calmer’ use of the Compex. It can also soothe soreness and is not always used to produce a strengthening effect.

Richmond Physiotherapy have added this equipment to our tools for treatment – your physio may discuss the use of this new updated version of Compex with you and may prescribe its use to get you moving on in your rehab. The equipment can be hired from the clinic for 1 week periods.

Compex can be used during your treatment sessions – it may not be needed to use at home should you re-educate the tissues well enough or start to use the muscles cor- rectly.

View this YouTube video to see how it works on a knee.

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