Horse & Rider Assessment

We are now offering Horse & Rider assessments at Richmond Physiotherapy.

This is a chance for you to be screened by a physiotherapist for flexibility, strength, core control and posture, to understand how these factors influence the way you ride.

Amy Davis is an accomplished rider and well placed to recognise how your body posture and control influence rider position and how you give your aids.

Amy is currently studying for her Masters and has developed a special interest in rider assessment; in addition she is a qualified Pilates instructor and so she can use these combined skills to assess and prescribe tailored exercises to enhance your stability in the saddle.

Amy says:

‘Horse riding is a travelling sport, like skiing, that requires the rider to stabilise the body against variable forces in order to be effective. Horse riding instructors will critically evaluate the rider’s position on the horse and this will be affected by the horse itself, the saddle being used, and rider fatigue. The advantage we have as physiotherapists is to assess the client in isolation of these variables, and identify key factors that are affecting rider position, such as a lack of lumbo-pelvic stability, tight hip flexors, or joint pain.’

During the assessment session, Amy will take a full history of your health, riding aspirations and technical issues with which you may be struggling. She will then examine joint ranges of movement, soft tissue flexibility, and your ability to perform certain movements, such as a squat and a push up. This serves to highlight key areas for you to work on as part of a tailored exercise programme.

The assessment can be completed in shorts and T-shirt, and you may wish to bring along a video of your riding for more detail, although this is not essential.

From there you may wish to book a follow-up session, or perhaps join our Pilates for Riders class, to further develop your strength, stability and body awareness.

We are offering a 10% discount on assessments until the end of October. Please ask reception for details.



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