World class gymnast knee rehabilitation

Hard work is an essential part of recovery from a serious knee injury – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for a large part of the time is part of the deal and performing the boring exercises regularly and correctly too is part of that process.

Elite athletes can appreciate and understand what hard rehab work is whereas those new to injury and training commitments can be very challenged by what is expected of them.

In this video Chris touches on a few aspects of his rehab that we have worked on.

In order to get him to this level he has been diligent in all parts of the process. He has sacrificed many parts of his social life and made some big decisions on his studies returning to Uni next year to complete his course. His injury was sudden and dramatic to his life direction but he has turned it around to strive harder for success with some great rewards as you will see in the video and we continue to set high standards with an aim to return him to competition next season.

He still has a way to go to deliver the level of performance that his sport requires but so far he is winning!

I have a lot to thank Pippa for with regards to my recovery. Her expertise and personal touch has made my rehab process so much easier! Thank you Pippa!’ See you when I’m back! Chris. July 2015

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