Kate’s medico legal work keeps her on her toes

Kate recently spent a day at Grays Inn alongside solicitors and barristers, training physiotherapy experts in report writing and court room skills. Kate provides medico legal reports to solicitors and it now turns out that she has been doing it for over twenty years and has become a member of the Academy of Experts and Chair of the Medico Legal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MLACP). This role involves providing training for physiotherapists at introductory and advanced level.

‘Medico legal work is always interesting and it certainly keeps me on my toes. I enjoy thinking through the various cases that come my way. Each case is different and the process of analysing the facts, bringing my particular knowledge of physiotherapy to them and arriving at a balanced opinion is always absorbing.

The seminar at Grays Inn was a great day. It’s a fantastic setting and the physiotherapy experts came form a broad spectrum of clinical backgrounds so there was plenty of animated discussion.

In the morning I talked about what makes a good report and I should know by now, mostly through the time-honoured process of trial and error!

Nick Deal from Bond Solon training, formerly a barrister himself, talked about Part 35. It’s a serious business giving written opinion for legal purposes and his presentation was informative and succinct without being heavy.

Josie Robinson, a specialist clinical negligence solicitor talked about what it takes to build a case – the risks as well as the rewards and it’s enlightening to get that perspective on the whole process. Then in the afternoon the participants were fortunate to have two highly skilled barristers who provided a taste of cross examination, guaranteed to make everyone sit up and listen! Gavin Irwin and Peter Caldwell from Dyers Chambers were brilliant.

I wouldn’t want to give up my day job to do medico legal work full time and I’m definitely not lawyer material, but having said that, I must admit it’s a fascinating world and whilst my role as Chair of the MLACP is demanding, the effort is worth it. It’s a great association and I enjoy being involved’.






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