How to avoid mishaps in the garden

It’s amazing at this time of year isn’t it? How the green seems suddenly to surge forth, everywhere you look, and of course, many of us are getting busy in the garden.

Steady now! You could do yourself a mischief…

Here are a few quick tips on how to avoid any mishaps

Gardening is physical and unless you work in the garden full time, year round, it’s best to acknowledge that your body is not necessarily trained up for it.
Keep it simple, add in plenty of breaks, mix up your activities; a bit of digging, then change your posture, stand up straight and stretch, this helps your back. A cup of tea, this helps all round.

Get some of those nifty knee pads so that you are comfortable working in a kneeling position (again – add in breaks, a bit of digging, a bit of planting, a cup of tea). Gardening gloves are a boon, protecting your hands and allowing you to get stuck in. Think about using a garden stool so that you are working in a different posture some of the time.

It’s so tempting to just reach a little bit higher, a little bit further – with the secateurs or the garden twine but the smart gardener makes sure of their base of operation; be safe!

Speaking of secateurs, that can be quite a repetitive action. Once again mix it up; a bit of weeding, then some planting, then some pruning, then some tying back, a good stretch standing up straight, a cup of tea …

If you find yourself getting angry with a stubborn root system step back for a moment and think about it; maybe you could find a different tool? A different method? Or just have a rest and come back to it later.

At the end of the day a good soak in the bath eases all those muscles and if you’re really feeling achey a good massage at Richmond Physiotherapy comes highly recommended!

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