Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting correctly at your desk or at your home office or in transit?

Ahhhh, modern times, we are all so connected aren’t we?

I can be on the train viewing a spreadsheet on my phone, I can amend it and share it here, there, everywhere, meanwhile checking out what my friends are up to on FB and twitter, whatsapp, texting my plans for a night out, even actually speaking to someone on the ‘phone – or perhaps sitting next to me!

Okay I can’t do all those things at once but, like you, I spend a lot of time hunched over, peering at my various screens, smart phone, tablet, laptop etc.

To put it in technical language, ‘display screen equipment’ is becoming more challenging as the office becomes more mobile and interactive.

At Richmond Physiotherapy we offer display screen equipment assessments (DSE).

We evaluate you and show you how to follow a few simple rules so that you can optimise your posture and set – up.

Physiotherapists are well placed to provide this service, because we understand biomechanics and anatomy, and of course, we can recommend relevant exercises, tailored to you that will minimise work station niggles and prevent them becoming more annoying symptoms requiring further medical intervention.

The Health & Safety (DSE) regulations 1992 (amended 2002) set out simple ways of helping the employer and employee achieve a comfortable environment to work in.

Questions to ask yourself

Do you know what the best desk work posture is?


Do you know how to adjust you chair to improve your work posture?

Does your chair fit you?

Can you get your feet on the floor if you sit up straight?


Do you even have one ? !

Does your chair fit close enough to your desk?

Is your desk at the right height?

Is your desk adjustable?

Display Screen

Is your screen at eye level?

Do you use more than one screen and if so how are they set up relative to your position?

How many hours do you sit working in one position?

Can you touch type or is it a case of single digits? This influences neck movement as well as provoking symptoms in the fingers and hands.

Can you see the screen clearly? Is the room lit well? These are some important questions and ones that are covered in your assessment.


Richmond Physiotherapy offers DSE assessment in your office, so if your employer cannot provide this service, give us a call.

If you run your own business in your home or in a small office get in touch and we can help you set up a healthy working environment.

The assessment will take about 1 hour, followed up with a report recommending changes discussed or suggested as well as list of suppliers that could provide the correct equipment to suit your needs.

“A stitch in time”

In the clinic we see many issues relating to posture, so often a small change – for example raising the height of a computer screen – suddenly makes life more comfortable.

So why not set yourself up to be more productive.

Call the clinic on 020 8332 1132 if you would like to know more.

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