Postural alignment

Physiotherapists talk a lot about posture. 

Have a look at this diagram and see if you can identify which one is you. 


We all have our foibles and most of us do not quite achieve the ideal, posture is inherited so thats another thing you can thank your parents for! 

Its fascinating to look at these images though ( well if you’re a physiotherapist it is) in particular the way the plumbline drops -it should drop through the body of the lower lumbar vertebrae and the centre of the hip joint as you can see in the ideal alignment, this is mechanically efficient; 

but for those of us who tend towards a flat back, the body weight and forces of movement are distributed less efficiently and this can lead to aches and pains, patterns of muscle weakness and altered patterns of movement. 

 You can do something about that though, depending on the type of symptoms you might get and your level of activity. Its all about finding the ideal exercise and postural prompt to correct enough  – but not too much.

Talk to your physiotherapist if you think your posture, working  or sporting activities are  contributing to your symptoms.

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