Bridget Burleigh: Richmond’s Elite Hockey Physiotherapist

Bridget Burleigh has been working with the England Hockey U21 Ladies Team and they recently returned with a Bronze medal from the European Championships.

Bridget has been Physiotherapist to the U21 Team leading up to the Championships and during the Tournament, working for the England team over many years and so following the senior players in their development through the system.

Bridget has honed her understanding of what is expected of an International hockey player. Her involvement with International Hockey this year also took her to the USA as Physiotherapist to the GB Ladies Team where they trained and played against the USA and New Zealand.
Physiotherapy is integral for an elite team, treating acute injuries, advising and implementing strength and conditioning programmes, warm up programmes, training load, monitoring hydration and understanding the demands on a player during the season as well as during tournaments.

Bridget assists players working on the best recovery strategies be it an ice bath, active recovery sessions or advice on nutrition as
well as being an anti-doping educator working towards informing and educating athletes on clean sport.

Bridget’s advice:
As the new hockey season starts and most teams are in the pre-season training phase it is important to make an intelligent training plan so the body can cope.

Do not neglect the niggles or aches, if you do, they may build up and you may find yourself spending more time on the bench than playing! This is no athlete’s dream.

The same advice holds true for all of us, whatever our level of activity and Richmond Physiotherapy has a multi-disciplinary team
to advise our patients on physical activities and to treat injuries. We also offer a functional movement assessment to highlight any areas of asymmetry or limitations within the individuals’ ability.

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