National Back Pain Week

For National Back Pain Week, Chartered Physiotherapists recommends that in every home, the T.V. remote control should be hidden. People are spending more and more time sitting in front of the television. At least if they didn’t use the remote control they could get some sort of exercise by moving from sofa to telly to change channels!

Spinal problems are often made worse by staying in the same position for prolonged periods of time, so even the small amount of postural change involved in this simple movement really can be beneficial. Our sedentary lifestyles definitely increase the likelihood of developing back problems. Many people with back trouble will recall a specific incident when their back ‘went ‘ but the fact is that our backs are so unfit that any kind of demand can be a trigger – just like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Better still to get out of the T.V. room altogether. Try working a regular walk into your daily schedule, maybe a lunchtime stroll or perhaps you could park your car a little further from your destination and walk. School runs could incorporate a little regular exercise for the benefit of parents and children alike – just park the car a little further from the school and try a bit of walking. Less back pain and probably fewer headaches from all that frenzied milling about in the car trying to park by the school gates…

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