Latest Research Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring problems can be bad news

• They may take a long time to heal
• There is a high risk of re-injury
• Traditional hamstring prevention and rehabilitation programmes are not very effective

What causes hamstring injuries?
A review of all the research has just been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine
Hamstring strain injuries: are we heading in the right direction? 
The answer is not simple – the research shows that there is more than one cause or risk factor
• Reduced flexibility
• Poor strength
• Insufficient core stability
• Fatigue

You may have a combination of different risk factors

The solution
At Richmond Physiotherapy you are unique – not just another hamstring problem!
We assess you for all risk factors
We can offer you treatment, rehabilitation and a preventative programme designed
specifically to sort out your risk factors
Richmond Physiotherapy will head you in the right direction!

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