Heart screening arranged in physio’s memory

A physiotherapist working with a community football team arranged for 70 players to be screened for heart defects in memory of a physio who died after a half marathon.

Ralph Murwill died aged just 28 immediately after finishing the Nottingham half marathon in 2008.

Colleague Kate Sheehy and others at Richmond Physiotherapy raised money in his memory and arranged for a physio to work with youngsters playing for the Balham Blazers football club.

The physiotherapist, Darren Gregoire, arranged for players at the club, aged nine to 19, to be screened for heart problems by charity Cardiac Risk in the Young at St George’s Hospital in nearby Tooting.

The charity’s mobile screening unit is due to visit the club during this football season to screen another group of players.

Ralph Murwill’s parents, Sue and Dave Murwill, have agreed to sponsor the Balham Blazers physio post for a year.

In a letter to Ms Sheehy, they wrote: ‘Thank you for promoting the awareness of the conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death – just one person becoming aware of a potential problem would make the effort worthwhile.’

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