Open & Closed Chain Exercise in Early-Stage and Middle-Stage Knee Rehabilitation

Date: Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st May 2017.
Location: Rosslyn Park Rugby Football Club. Priory Lane, Richmond, London, SW15 5JH.
Speakers: Dr Nicholas Clark

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Standard (after 16th April): £269.97
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Musculoskeletal practice

This course is for physiotherapists in musculoskeletal practice. It aims to refresh your competence in clinical examination, in particular, how to pick up things that might suggest your patient should be consulting someone other than a physiotherapist. It will also review your professional responsibilities as a member of the Chartered Society and the Health Professions Council.

This course does not deal with treatment techniques; it is solely concerned with competence and safety in clinical examination.

Aims of the Course

Aims of the Course

This course aims to brush up your awareness of your professional responsibilities in a clinical setting- effective interview skills, interpretation of information, identifying red flags, what to do about them, competence in neurological examination and what to do about what you find.

Review Standards
Health Professions Council
Review Standards and Codes of Practice
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Analyse Case Histories
Physiotherapists have a professional responsibility to examine the neurological status of their patients competently and monitor that status as treatment progresses.

Review Neuro Testing
reflexes power and sensation
speed and proficiency of interpretation

Review Recording
Clear and concise recording

Interpretation of Information
Reasons for caution
When to refer on/ when to continue treatment; when to act without delay

Neuro testing into your spinal exam for speed and proficiency
Upper extremity
Lower extremity

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Course Programme

Course Programme

9.15: Registration

9.30: Introduction and plan for the day

9.45: Case Histories

10.15: Theory: Indications for neuro testing

10.45: Refreshments

11.15: Analyse Case Histories

11.30: Integrate Neuro into spinal examination: upper extremity

12.30: Lunch

13.30: Integrate Neuro into spinal examination: lower extremity

15.15: Review

15.45: Evaluation and Close